Some of the most sophisticated machines that have become de facto standards in the Textile industry are used by Cindrella. The power of the latest technologies gives as consistency and the capacity to quickly churn out high quality garments in our state of the art factory spread across the Area of 30,000 pcs of POLO Knit tops per month. We specialize in developing and delivering the fast track orders for our customers. We do orders of size as small as 500 - 1000pcs/Style to gain confidence of new customers.Our company posses the following Departments to serve best to our customers

1. Sampling Department
2. Material Control Department
3. Fabric Control Department 
4. Production Planning Department
5. Production Department
6. Finishing Department
7. Quality Assurance Department
8. Documentation Department

All our departments are managed with well experienced personal with enthusiastic  team under them.

To support our production we have the following infrastructures.